Allen was born in Jersey City, raised in West Orange and educated in New Brunswick. He’s been a Hoboken resident for nearly a decade.

But don’t let his modest Jersey roots fool you; he spent the past five years traveling the world as a professional poker player, a career that culminated with a World Series of Poker bracelet and an experience that ignited his interest in food.

As someone who’s always followed his passion – he left a career in Wall Street to pursue poker – Allen acted on his latest entrepreneurial instinct by enrolling in the French Culinary Institute and founding Hudson Table to address a void in the market. He hopes to build a business that educates people on all things food while serving as an alternative form of recreation in a thriving community of young professionals and growing families.




Taposh is the yin to Allen’s yang. Five years his brother’s elder, Taposh draws upon his experiences – both personal and professional – to serve as Hudson Table’s strategic, creative and spiritual advisor.

In Hoboken for over a decade, Taposh has evolved from Saturday night PATH rider to local uptown eatery patron and a regular at the Garden Street Farmers Market scene on summer Saturday mornings, kiddies in tow.

Equal parts left and right brain, Taposh is eager to see Hudson Table transcend the conventional label of “cooking school” and become a staple amidst Hoboken’s thriving food scene.


Hudson Table was conceived with the local community in mind and a philosophy built around inspiring the inner-chef in all of us. Our charming culinary studio serves to foster an inviting and memorable experience shaped by an ongoing feedback loop between our team and our customers. We hope to see you in the kitchen!